Hydro Services Pty LTD can deliver satisfaction-guaranteed cleaning services on time and at a fair price. With our latest techniques and equipment, we are a dependable partner in commercial, industrial, hospitality, and residential cleaning needs.

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Hydro Services offers a wide range of services for residential, commercial, and industrial establishments. We can give you complete service packages to meet your specific requirements with minimal disruption to your personal or business activities.

High Dusting

High Dusting is the process of removing dirt build-up on hard-to-reach areas like ceilings, pipes and beams for better indoor air quality at homes and workplaces. Our high dusting method captures dusts that settle even on narrow places. Avoid often-overlooked health hazard due to dust inhalation.

Water Damage

Water damage requires immediate action for repair and restoration. It needs close monitoring of water removal and drying process. Our advanced techniques and equipment can solve your problem in no time.

Carpet Dry Cleaning and Encapsulation

We clean the largest furnishings in your home or office by breaking down soil and dirt in the carpet fibres, and then with the encapsulation carpet cleaning process we avoid it from going back.

Window Cleaning

We clean your windows, screens, interior tracks & exterior frames with the latest technologies in window cleaning. Our experienced window cleaners serve our customers with excellent service and reliability, while insuring safety for your peace of mind. Experience professional window cleaning to save you from exhaustion and frustration.

Upholstery Steam Cleaning

Sofa sets, couches, dining chairs, crapes, mattresses, and other upholstery need regular cleaning, too, since their fabric and location attract most of the dust, dirt and human body oil. Upholstery steam cleaning removes as much water and dirt so that your furniture will dry faster.

Floor Scrubbing and Refinishing

Floor maintenance is as important as the whole appearance of your home or office. Since floors accumulate dust and grime within a short period of time, you need floor scrubbing and refinishing services that can thoroughly clean your floors making them shining as new.

Tile and Grout Steam Cleaning

Cleaning your tiles and grouts still requires a lot of physical labour - they are continuously exposed to dirt, soil, and other substances that are difficult to remove. But worry no more because our steam-cleaning machines are most effective on stubborn tile & grout dirt in residential and commercial situations.

High Pressure Cleaning

Haven't had any luck in using chemicals to get rid of stubborn dirt and stains? High pressure cleaning is the answer to reveal the appearance of buildings and homes good as new. We are specialising in tough interior & exterior high pressure cleaning jobs with the latest industrial pressure washers and rotary cleaners.

Vinyl Floor Strip and Seal

Vinyl is the most common flooring material due to its durability, high resistance to abrasion and impact damage, and less maintenance. But vinyl floors can be look old and dirty over time. That is why we specialise in vinyl floor strip & seal services to transform your flooring into beautiful finished surfaces.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Bring your carpet back to life with our carpet steam cleaning services. Remove all those accumulated dirt and dust that have discoloured your carpet over a period of time. Steam cleaning treatment takes away the deepest dirt and toughest stains and leaves your carpet revived, clean and fresh.

About Us

Hydro Services Pty Ltd was established and operating in South Australia (SA), providing specialised and general cleaning services. Being in the industry for 5 years, our experience and passion to deliver continuous superior services for all our clients has always been our inspiration. We make sure that our services are of highest quality possible to fully satisfy our customers.

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